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Decorate with Melrose: Christmas on the Farm

Author: Hadley Creekmuir

Time for Holiday….Already?!

Yes, it sure is. At Melrose, we’re always thinking about the most wonderful time of the year. Our team is continuously   innovating and creating new items for the holiday season, readying for the special occasion despite the warm weather outside.

Though you may be spending time outdoors on the farm, today on the blog we’re highlighting – via our latest Decorate with Melrose video series – several new products for the Christmas season that add a little rustic, vintage charm to Christmas décor.

With our Decorate with Melrose video series, we encourage viewers to uncover the story of our products, and use that story to find inspiration for merchandising holiday product. As our savvy retailers already know, grouping products together and sparking a customer’s imagination of how she might mix and match the products can attract attention and lead to sales.

With these items, think of a snowy Christmas at a charming, rustic farmhouse, spent with loved ones cuddled up next to a big, crackling fire. Or dining together at a large farm table, adorned with candles and lanterns to invoke a sense of warmth and harmony. We hope our videos help you craft your own story that speaks to your customers.

Like what you see? To recreate, you’ll need:

– Simplux LED Designer Candle

– Eucalyptus Pod & Cone Candle Ring (large)

– Eucalyptus Pod & Cone Candle Ring (small)

– Wired Ribbon

– Cotton Pods  Product

– Double Birdhouse

– Lanterns (Set of 2)

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