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Congratulations to our Spring Storefront Challenge Winner…Seasons by Peg

Learn the secrets behind the award winning upside down window you have to see to believe!
Winner: best gift shop window retailerWinner: best gift shop window retailer

When Cassi Nickolas, window designer for Seasons by Peg, had the idea for this “upside down” window she knew she had a winner. But would store owner Peg Fenstermaker be willing to take a risk on it? Yes she was, Peg said “we’ve done so many windows, we have really gotten confident to try something new!”

And trying something new not only led to winning our window contest and $50 off their next Melrose order, but also brought a lot of new customers into the store. Peg explained that they “had a lot of people start to walk by, look again, and stop. Then they would smile and  turn around and come into the store.” Peg and Cassie really got people to think with this element of surprise!

What other window dressing secrets has Peg learned over the years?

~ Use Scale. “Scale in a window is really important. You need the right size. Smaller items in the front but always a few big items to anchor the window.”

~ Go Big. “You actually need things a little bit bigger than you would expect.” Be bold here and experiment with really large items.

~ Color pop. “Strong colors can help get your window noticed. A window theme of red, white and a pop of black works really well together.”

~ Beware Black. “I also learned to shy away from too much black. It sucks up the light and makes the window look dark. A little is great for contrast, but too much makes it feel dull.”

~ Use Props. “I like gazebos as a nice framework for hanging chandeliers and embellishing with fabric. Also, Melrose has great props like tall lanterns on posts which are perfect for displaying products on.”

With a 3,000 square foot store and two giant windows, Peg and her team have plenty of design experience. We are so thrilled to be able to recognize their talent and share their tips for more eye catching windows with the rest of our customers. For more inspiration visit Seasons by Peg in Woodstock, IL and see their new Mother’s Day and Spring windows which are just going up now!

We want to thank all who entered our Spring Storefront Challenge! And to those who took the time to vote daily; we appreciate your support in helping us spotlight our entries! We look forward to showcasing the talents of our customers again in the near future, so stay tuned for your chance to win.

Do you have tips for creating windows that stop shoppers in their tracks? Have you found creative ways to use everyday objects to generate interest in a window? Or do you have some hard learned advise on how not to do a storefront? Share your window decorating secrets in the comments below!

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