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Cause Marketing: Playing to your Customers’ Passion Points

Everyone has a preferred cause. Playing up to a cause your customers are passionate about makes you important to them. 

From dogs to babies to bridge, your customers all have things they are passionate about. As a retailer, connecting with your customers’ passion points allows you to have a more authentic relationship with them, but where to start? From starting the discussion with customers, to adjusting your product mix, to in store events and marketing, this is your passion point how-to guide!

Find out what they are passionate about: Talk to your best customers and find out where their passions lie. Perhaps your gift shop includes baby items and you have a lot of young moms coming in who are passionate about breastfeeding or something else baby related. Maybe your best customers are retirees who love bridge. Once you poll your top customers and get a feel for what their shared passion points are, you can start to develop content around it.

Harness the passion: Now you know what your customers love, embrace it! Bring in an expert on the subject for a presentation. Host an in store party where a % of the sales go to a charity related to the passion or choose a product that fits with the passion and offer the revenue from its sale as a donation.

Organization and product mix: You may even find that you want to adjust your product mix a little to align with customers’ passions or reorganize your store a bit. For instance, bridge clubs often get together at people’s homes where a light lunch is served. If bridge is a passion point, consider organizing some of your party platters and server ware around a bridge theme. You could even bring in fancy playing card holders or bridge scorecard pads to sell with them for that personalized touch!

Advertising passion: As you continue to understand and refine your store around your customer’s passion points, you’ll also want to adjust any marketing or promotion to align. If you’re doing Facebook ads with product images in them, then choose some of your passion point products. In your email newsletters to customers, include your passion point events and sales. And of course, leverage social media and blogs to share content and pictures around the passion point.

Whether it’s bridge club, breastfeeding or something else playing up to your customers passions, we hope that these ideas will open up a whole new aspect of marketing for your business! These easy, personalized touches will make your store more relevant and personal to your target customers. Start by talking to your top customers to find out what they are passionate about. Then organize events and discover around those passions. From there, make sure you’re adjusting your marketing to align.

Do you employ cause marketing in your store? What are your customers passionate about? How are you tuning into their causes? We’d love to hear about your success in the comments below!

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