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Capturing New Moms: The Customer Lifecycle

From singledom to married to family life and beyond, tap into your customer’s life cycle to provide exactly the products they want or need. Shopping Moms -Gift Shop mom traffic
Today, more than ever, people are following their own path in life. Women are getting married later or not at all. Students may take a few years off after college to travel or teach in a foreign country. And empty nesters are moving to condos in big cities instead of retiring to the golf course in Florida. With all these changes it can be easy to lose sight of your customer’s lifecycle and therefore miss important opportunities to bring them what they need.

In honor of spending a little more time putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, we’re going to dive deep into one of the most popular market segments—mom’s. We’ll follow a new mom from her first moments of pregnancy through toddlerhood to understand her needs and how you can meet them. Then we’ll set you free to consider on your other customer segments and their evolving needs..

Upon finding out she is pregnant, first time moms usually experience a rush of emotion—they also start to receive token gifts from friends and family like onesies, board books, or nanna’s baby rattle. Usually during the second trimester our mom spends time seriously thinking about what she will need for her baby– 60% of first time moms start their registry in the second trimester (BabyCenter, 2014).  For this group of moms, having some cute items for baby is a must, along with a place for her to sit in-store. Also, many moms are starting alternative online baby registries (think that can have items from any website, so consider putting your baby products online and letting people know about them!

Before the baby arrives, expectant mothers tend to be most concerned with finding products that will be gentle on their baby’s skin or those that are a natural or organic. This is an extension of their protective instinct for their baby.

New Mother

For many new mothers, that protective instinct continues to grow through the first months of the baby’s life. They continue to crave natural products for their delicate babies. Many of these new, millennial mothers are breastfeeding as well,  so that chair she sat in while pregnant may become a feeding station as she shops your store with her newborn while on maternity leave. To really roll out the red carpet for new mothers, consider getting a breastfeeding logo sticker for your door so they will feel comfortable feeding their little one (and stay in your store longer!) and consider offering her a bottle of water as breastfeeding is known to make mothers thirsty.

The types of products that mothers may be drawn to at this stage include wooden teething toys, onesies with cute sayings on them (Made in Your State Name, Hello Daddy, etc.), and anything that could make her life easier (woolen balls to fight static in the dryer) or show off her darling newborn (picture frames and dress up clothes).

Experienced Moms
Once baby starts to crawl and then walk, all bets are off. The time it takes to care for baby increases exponentially and afternoons spent shopping may no longer be an option. When she does come into your store, this mother is on a mission. Whether with her 13 month old or a 3 year old, she doesn’t want to take the chance of a meltdown in a gift shop.

Help this mom by having your items organized so she can find what she is looking for and by keeping your service prompt and courteous. That means that while she appreciates your special touch of chatting while serving her, she probably would appreciate it even more if you offer to gift wrap her item and bring it out to her car while she gets her little one into the car seat.

Number Two and Beyond
When mothers move onto number two, they already have a routine, basic baby products and brands they trust. They are less likely to buy items because they are cute and are much more practical (less emotional) about their purchases.

Connect with these moms by sharing anecdotes of what other moms like or have liked in your store. If you get the impression that they are not interested, then listen to them and don’t try to upsell. Personalizing their shopping experience just by listening makes a huge impression on mom–and she will remember this service and tell her friends.

Bonus! Moms Buying Gifts
One great thing about appealing to new mothers (and beyond) is that they tend to have other mom friends which means shower gifts, first birthday gifts, congratulations you’re pregnant with number 2 gifts, and more. Many moms develop a standard set of items they draw from for these occasions (“I always get my new mom friends a giraffe pacifier”) and it pays to be the supplier of those special gifts. So do a little sleuthing and find out what the hot baby gift items are and stock them along with some extra cute shower and first birthday gift wrap, and you’ll have these moms’ eternal gratitude.

From finding out she is expecting, to her babies birth, through toddlerhood and beyond–understanding the life cycle of mom can help you appeal to her needs and keep her coming back to your shop, again and again! Of course, moms aren’t the only demographic with a lifecycle of needs you can tap into. Consider other groups like empty nesters, students, dads and more and think about catering to their unique needs through your products and services.

How are you making certain groups feel special in your store? Are you reaching out specifically to new moms?  We’d love to hear about your successes in the comments section below

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