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Building the Perfect Picture

How Melrose creates their catalog covers.December Blogs 2017-04

The Spring Supplemental Catalog will be in your mailbox soon. (Keep your eye out for it and be sure to join our mailing list if you’re not already getting the catalogs.) The cover photo features a green background with LED candles and metal holders. While the look of the cover is simple and clean, setting the picture up was anything but! As you can see in the video, we spent a lot of time planning the shoot and then placing the items to show them to their best advantage.

Every picture in the catalog got a similar level of care. For instance, our classy, country dining room also took a lot of tweaking. From hanging photos in the right order to pillow placement, much had to come together to get that perfect look. And it took 3 stylists to achieve it! Watch the process in the video below.

Does setting up your shop take a similar amount of adjusting? Do you find you start with items in one spot and then move them to another? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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