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Best Practices for Driving Customers to Ecommerce Sites

The retailers guide to driving more traffic to your site.ecommerce best practices

If you build it, they will come” may have been a brilliant plan in a cornfield in 1989, but it doesn’t quite work in ecommerce in 2016. That means that if you’ve built an ecommerce website you shouldn’t rely on chance to send customers your way. Instead, use this ecommerce plan to drive traffic to your site, and sales for your store.

Start by determining how much traffic you need to drive to your site.

Think about your business plan and how much revenue you plan to generate from your ecommerce site. Perhaps you plan for 5% of your total store sales to come from ecommerce. So if you’re selling $1 Million dollars of product a year that is $50,000 of sales per year.

Next, determine your sell through rate. That is, how many visits are required to make a sale. To get this number just divide your average monthly ecomm traffic by your average monthly # of sales. Maybe you have 5,000 visits a month and 50 sales which is a sell through rate of 100. So for about every 100 people who visit your site you can expect 1 sale.

Now the last step – and this is when the magic comes together. If you want to make $50,000 in sales per you need to know how many people you must sell to. Divide $50,000 by your average basket ring (we are going with $50 for this exercise) which means you will need 1,000 sales a year to make your goal of $50,000 ($50,000 / $50 avg. basket = 1,000 sales). If you need 1,000 sales you will need to drive 100,000 people to your site (1,000 sales X 100 people to make a sale = 100,000).

So the bottom line is: you need to drive 100,000 qualified people to your site to make your sales goal.

Now that you know how many people you need, let’s talk about how to get them!

When driving traffic to your site your current customers will always be the most qualified. So start there. Some tactics to target your current customers are:

  • Email current customers – send an email every month. Share product updates when they are available online, share gift lists for holidays (think: Best Father’s Day Gifts and Christmas for Her) and of course, if you have a yearly online sale, share that as well.
  • Share on social – share the content of your emails on social media. Sometimes you may want to cut your emails down and share snippets and link to the product on your ecommerce site.
  • Tell your customers in store – be sure to mention to customers that they can also buy products online.

The next most likely group to convert are people LIKE your current customers. And here is where it gets fun, because you don’t have to be limited by geography!

  • Boosted social posts – promote your ecommerce social media posts the easy way. After making your post select “boost post” and then choose to target people how who “similar” to your current Facebook fans. This will let you easily target people.
  • Referrals – Ask your customers to refer their friends. Auto-send an email to customers a few days after they receive their ordered with a “Give / Get” message. The customer and the friend can both get $10 off their next order.

Finally, focus on product. New customers will be drawn to your store because they can get something unique they can’t find anyplace else. So share lots of picture of your products on social media, in emails and on your website. And if you need any pictures of Melrose products, we’ve got you covered.

How are you promoting your ecommerce site? Are you seeing success with social media or customer referrals? Share you experience in the comments below.

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