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Best Employee Retention Methods For Gift Shops

Retaining your top employees isn’t always about pay.Employee Engagement

You’ve found her (or him!), your dream sales person. This employee chats with the customers (they really care) and in the process guides them to that perfect gift or home décor item. They are efficient in checking people out and always remember to get their email for the newsletter. Now that this person is hired, how do you keep her or him working in your shop?

The first step is to start an open dialogue with your employee. Spend a couple minutes a week talking about the shop, asking what is working and what isn’t and making sure that they are happy overall. Employees who feel valued, and listened to, have a much higher rate of retention. And you may even gain some valuable insight. Pro-tip: make sure your discussions are during normal working hours and not when he or she is off the clock.

Now that you’re talking, find out what career goals they have in mind. Maybe he or she wants to be a buyer, a designer or a head clerk. Keep abreast of these goals and start introducing the employee to these concepts within the store. Plan for a future for this person within your company. Pro-tip: be honest and don’t be tempted to promise promotions you can’t fulfil. If you can’t eventually promote this employee to lead designer, tell him or her you will help with training so those goals are easier to obtain in the future anywhere.

Another retention technique is to offer your employees perks. These do not have to cost you a lot of money. These perks can come in the form of a % off products in store, a free lunch once in a while or free parking in your downtown parking lot during off hours. It could even extend to use of your patio garden for a small party or family event. Pro-tip: consider the intangible assets your company has available and then think of ways to share them with your employees.

While it’s up to you to determine the best methods to retain employees, keep in mind that you should treat all employees fairly. That means if you offer one employee a % off products be sure to extend the offer to everyone else, or at least show them the path to receiving that perk (perhaps after 30 days of employment). Avoid playing favorites and instead think about cultivating your best employees as a part of your business strategy.

Employee retention can come in many forms; from showing your employees you value their input, helping them attain career goals to offering small perks along the way. We’d like to hear your best methods for employee retention. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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