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Behind the Scenes at a Melrose Photoshoot

A peek at the making of the Melrose 2018 Supplemental Catalog.

December Blogs 2017-03

At Melrose, we have a Customer Driven philosophy and that extends all the way to our catalogs. What does that mean? When we select items to feature in our catalogs we start by looking at our top selling items.

For instance, at the summer show we introduce our spring line. Immediately after the summer show we look at the top selling items that our customers liked best, usually the top 200.

Once we’ve gathered the top items, the Melrose team sits down to a round table discussion to select the best items to feature in lifestyle shots. We also determine the kinds of lifestyle shots to create. And, because we are customer driven, higher rated items, based on sales, are selected to be the focal point of the images (centered, featured, lighted, etc.).

Where does inspiration for the sets come from? As a team, we create mood boards using photography from lifestyle and fashion magazines, printed from the internet, and even from pictures taken by Melrose employees. All to help guide the photographer in creating the perfect setting for the products.IMG_1709

For instance, farm items are very popular so we created a farmhouse setting to feature those top items in. To create that, we think about everything from lighting to furniture. We even discuss using a barn board slat wall vs a galvanized metal wall as a backdrop.IMG_1738

The photo shoot takes 7-10 days and during that time our photographer builds several custom sets in which top items are shot. 100’s of items are also shot on white backgrounds to be featured on our website and in our catalog.IMG_1717

You might be wondering why we use a custom-built set instead of just shooting in a home. While we do shoot in a home when a set (like a kitchen) is too complex to build, we prefer to shoot in a photographer’s studio to avoid having to move all the photographer’s equipment. Plus, we need to furnish the set with elements like furniture and other items that Melrose doesn’t make and the photographer offers all kinds of extra props to flesh out the scene (you’d never believe the size of the prop rooms that professional photographers have!).

The behind the scenes photos in this blog are for our Supplemental Catalog which will be mailed soon. Keep your eye out for it and be sure to join our mailing list if you’re not already getting the catalogs.

What do you think of our customer driven photo shoot process? Do you like the items we’ve been featuring lately? Share with us in the comments below.


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