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Beginners Guide to Instagram Marketing, for Retailers!

From Facebook to Instagram, retailers are finding an easy transition!Instagram MarketingYou’ve heard from us in the past about marketing on Facebook when we shared blogs around Facebook Advertising for retailers, and why it’s important to be present on social media in general.  And you’ve got that down. Now it’s time to think Instagram.

Why Instagram?
It’s huge—with over 300 Million active monthly users in 2015 and 400 Million in 2016! It’s visual—with a focus on pictures over text making it perfect for promoting your products. It’s where top brands are—and they are seeing a high engagement rate, 58 times higher than Facebook. It’s memorable—ad recall from sponsored posts are 2.9 times higher than norms for online ads according to Neilson.

So why are we just recommending Instagram now?
Well there was one big problem for companies. Links. Originally Instagram didn’t let you link from a post back to your website. This meant your fans couldn’t find more info about your products or buy them. However, very recently, Instagram offered advertising on their platform with (you guessed it!) clickable links!

So how do Instagram ads work?
According to our friends at Shopify, “Anyone [with an Instagram account] can now create Instagram ads”. The best part is, because they are owned by the same company, ads are created through Facebook’s self-serve advertising platform. “With it, you have total control over your ads, how they appear, and who sees them.”

Plus with Instagram ads you get scalable pricing, robust reporting, and refined audience targeting (only pay to reach your audience!).

What’s more, Instagram recently announced that they’re moving away from a chronological feed in favor of a curated feed. This means, just like on Facebook, there’s no guarantee your followers will see your unpaid posts.

How to get started?
Shopify has a great step by step guide with full details and images for you to create your ads. What you need to know is that there are three steps. First, link your company’s Instagram account to your Facebook page. Second, create your campaign (type of ad you’ll run) using the Ads Manager tool. Third, create your ad set (who will see the ads and how much you’ll pay-hint: start with a lower daily budget and gradually increase as you see good results).

Final thoughts…
Aside from the fact that so many consumers are now on Instagram, why is now the time to start advertising there? Because everyone is NOT advertising yet. Facebook is saturated with sponsored posts. But on Instagram brands are just starting to get the hang of advertising which means your ads can stand out from the crowd and receive higher engagement for it!

Have you started Instagram ads? Are they working for you? Do you favor other kinds of advertising? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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