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Be Inspired Winner…Vendor No. 5!

Combining renovated furniture with Melrose seasonal items is an inspiration at Vendor No. 5! 

Melrose International Contest Winner #4

Melrose International Contest Winner #4

Dorianne Plageman, owner of Vendor No. 5, is the fourth and final 2013 winner of the Melrose Be Inspired Contest—created to bring our readers inspirational stories from real retailers across the country!

Vendor No. 5 is located in Springfield, Oregon and specializes in “renovated products made from recycled furniture and décor” as well as seasonal gift and home items.

When it comes to Melrose, Dorianne appreciates how Melrose products complement her Primitive home furnishings. “This year I mixed the Primitives with the Christmas Decor and it has been an AWESOME collaboration! We had a few days where we turned off the overhead lights and let the soothing glow from the Christmas display fill the store—it was awe inspiring!”

Dorianne went on to say, “Usually I get people commenting that it’s too early for Christmas décor—but this year, because Christmas product was mixed in with the primitive items—they just thought of Country Winters and warm thoughts of past traditions.” This strategy is helping Dorianne’s shop sell more holiday merchandise by extending the season!

Aside from mixing product, one of Dorianne’s best secrets of success is that “nothing is ever the same!” By mixing colors, techniques and creative elements, the store constantly changes and offers customers a fresh look with each visit.  That means greater sales as items customers may have missed on a previous visit are showcased on the next!

Additionally, attention to detail plays an important role with Dorianne’s restored furniture. “Every piece of furniture renovated, is done so with personal pride and love of the work,” she explains. And customers appreciate that pride and attention to detail.

Dorianne’s combination of one-of-a-kind furniture and seasonal merchandise is a winning one. And so, we congratulate her on being a winner of the Melrose Be Inspired Contest!

If you are inspired by Melrose product, and incorporate it into your store in a unique way, keep your eye out next year’s edition of the Melrose Be Inspired Contest, coming in Fall 2014!

Melrose International is an industry leader in wholesale home décor, giftware, and seasonal items. Providing outstanding products, service, design, and value since 1985!


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    very pleased with the selection and service. 2 thumbs up!


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