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Be Inspired Contest Winner…Interior Perfection Design Group!

At Interior Perfection they believe in the power of great design—and it shows!

Melrose Be Inspired Winner 2Melrose Be Inspired Winner 2

Kennon Springer and Douglas Walker, owners of Interior Perfection Design Group, are the second winners of the Melrose Be Inspired Contest—created to bring our readers inspirational stories from real retailers across the country!

Interior Perfection design Group, located in Hiawatha, Iowa, is a premier destination for fine home furnishings, unique gifts and accessories—their mission is to elevate the homes of their customer. Owner Kennon Springer believes that “Great design is obvious, perfection is transparent”.

When it comes to Melrose, Kennon and Douglas find inspiration in our holiday themes. “Melrose inspired us so much, we went from 5 trees in our studio to 15! Every tree has its own theme and we were able to do some amazing designs with your wonderful products. Thanks for the inspiration!”

Secrets of Success
Kennon and Douglas shared a few secrets of their success:

~ Display. “With a copious amount of ever-changing lifestyle environments, [our customers] can experience styles ranging from Hollywood Glam to Industrial Chic to Tuscan Traditional”. All this in one 8,000 square foot showroom/design studio.

~ Customer Service. “We make it our mission to devote ourselves completely to each and every project no matter the scale or budgetary constraints.”

~ Inspiring Selection. “Our clients are not coming in just one time but returning multiple times because of our beautiful trees. If it’s their first time in they are overwhelmed because of all the beauty, but then return to see what treasures they missed. If they purchase a few ornaments, glitter sprays or ribbon, once they get home and start their own decorating they realize they need several more to achieve the perfection that we have achieved with our trees. It’s not only our talent but the wonderful and unique items Melrose has supplied.”

We’re wishing Kennon, Douglas, and the rest of the talented professionals at Interior Perfection Design Group, the best of success this holiday season and beyond. We hope they will keep finding inspiration in Melrose products and keep passing that inspiration on to their customers. And we hope you’ll stay tuned to see the rest of the Be Inspired Contest Winners this month!

Melrose International is an industry leader in wholesale home décor, giftware, and seasonal items. Providing outstanding products, service, design, and value since 1985!

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