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All Set

An inside look at our latest showroom reset.

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas yet in your store? Resetting your store for a new season can be a challenge. We know; we update our showrooms each new season too.In fact, we just reset to display our new Home & Garden 2013 collection. And while we may be a season ahead, we thought you still might like to see our latest setup, and more importantly, how we did it. We think you will get a few ideas for your own upcoming reset.

The master behind our showroom setups is our lead designer, Ken Fetgatter, AIFD. He resets our showrooms twice a year.

“But only half at a time,” explains Ken, who recently finished up the Home & Garden reset, which is a seven-to-10-day process for him and his team. “We begin moving almost everything out of the room. I feel it’s easier to begin with a clean slate.”

Ken then draws a floor plan designating areas and furniture for each look. Walls are treated with paint or fabric to enhance the color of each look. And once the furniture has been placed and walls painted, they begin bringing in the new line.

“Items that we want featured or create a sense of excitement are displayed at eye level,” Ken says. “Before you know it, the displays are built and the room is set.”

Ken says some of his favorite displays this time were ones that hung from the ceiling. For example, for one display he used a floral wreath and hung it horizontally and then hung other items from it, like wind chimes and bird feeders. (See how he did it here.) He also liked the Journal collection display, which used trunks for containers with an abundance of florals falling from them.

“All these ideas can be recreated as is or for a similar display,” Ken says. “The trunks will work great with many looks and the idea can be used all throughout the year. And the hanging wreath [can be] used all year and all season too; just change what you suspend from it.”

What other pearls of wisdom can Ken offer?

“When setting a room I think it’s important to start with a plan,” he says. “Decide what is most important and make sure it’s up front, center stage. Color can add great impact and used properly can create and stimulate sales. Color can be used simply by just adding a color backdrop, and it creates very good visual excitement.”

“The best advice I can give you is to know when to walk away.  A display can be overdone. Keep it simple, and it will sell.”

Have a question for Ken and his team? Ask us! We might just answer it for you in a future post.

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  • October 29, 2012

    Cindy McDannold

    Ken, you are such an inspiration with decor and arrangements that can easily be adjusted to fit any use. I look forward to your new videos and I am always excited to see how I can adapt them in our shop. Thanks so much for sharing your “creative genius” with us. Cindy


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