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All I Want For Chistmas

 Reminisce with us about the holidays of old!!Debbie ChristmasFor many of us at Melrose the holidays are a time of nostalgia when we fondly remember Christmas past and even that favorite childhood holiday present. We asked some of our staff to re-live their favorite holiday moments–and most treasured childhood gifts–with us.

Brianne – Marketing
“The most comical childhood memory that my mom likes to tell each year at Christmas, is the year I didn’t get a scooter. I was very young, and my older brother was getting a scooter for Christmas. I was so upset that I didn’t get one too, that I didn’t open any of my presents on Christmas morning. My mom tried to make me understand that I was too little to ride a scooter, but no matter what she said, I wasn’t convinced! We still laugh about it each year.”

Missy – Credit/Accounts Receivable
“My best memory is every year my grandfather would buy me a new Cabbage Patch Kid. I was 16 and still receiving Cabbage Patches. If he was still here I would probably still be getting them.”

Missy Christmas

Lesley – Office Support
“I was six years old and just when we thought Christmas was over there were two more presents hiding behind the tree.  One was a Bumblelion for my sister, and mine was the Poppel.  I loved that little thing, I could roll it up, throw it, unfold and snuggle.  It was by far, the best gift ever because it was what I really wanted and didn’t think “Santa” brought.”Lesley Christmas

Debbie – Office Support
“My most memorable Christmas was when I was around 10 years old and my Grandma had come over and brought presents for my brothers and sisters and my cousins. She had handed out all of the presents and I did not have one. Everyone was excited and opening their presents and I was VERY upset and started crying. My Grandma says what’s the matter Pooh and I said that everyone had a present but me. She gave me a hug and pulled my present out of her purse and said I would never forget you!! I got my first watch. The best present ever!!!”

See Debbie, her sister Shelly and brother Kevin in the picture at the top of this blog!

Sarah – Marketing Assistant
“My most memorable Christmas was probably when I was about 5 years old and I received a Little Mermaid bike as my gift from Santa. I was so excited my dad took me out in the snow to teach me how to ride it. I probably fell over about 20 times in the cold snow, but I didn’t care! I loved that bike!”Sarah Christmas

What about you? We’d love to hear about a favorite childhood memory or gift from Holiday’s of yore! Please share with us in the comments section below! 


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