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After Holiday Shopping

How to keep your store hot during the cold winter months.After Holiday ShoppingSometimes cold winds and swirling snow can make cozying up at home feel like the best plan. While an occasional day at home can bring a sense of peace, staying home every day all winter can lead to less pleasant feelings and even worsen afflictions like Seasonal Affective Disorder. So help your customers beat the after holiday winter blues. Plan a few events to get them out of their homes and mingling in your store!

January Beach Party
Host a beach party in your store on a cold January day. Invite your customers into your store for summer drinks in bright plastic cups with lively beach music to set the tone. Pull out any leftover summer items and create a table scape offering those items at a big discount. If you live in an area that is really cold think about having a “beat winter” discount by offering shoppers a discount equal to the below zero temperature. If it’s 5 below they get 5% off, if it’s 10 below 10% off and so on (be sure to check historical weather in your area first!).

Get Out The Shop
2016 is an election year so help people get out of their house and into your shop with a Get Out The Vote style event. You’ll offer customer discounts for shopping when they sign up for your mailing list (no less than any presidential candidate would do). For that weekend put two products side by side and track purchases as “votes”. This could be a blue scarf and a red scarf, personalized card decks with popular candidate names on them, or whatever else you feel will attract attention. Share updates on the “winning” candidate on social media and ask fans to “like” the post to support one candidate but “comment” to support the other.  Finally, consider inviting a local non-partisan group to come to your store for a few hours to help your shoppers register to vote.

March It Out
By March people are starting to think about getting into shape for the summer. So help them March It Out by offering a discount when they show they’ve met their activity goal on their FitBit or other activity tracker. Promote your sale on Facebook targeting local shoppers in your demographic that have also liked FitBit or other activity related pages. Near your cash register offer artisan FitBit holders and other personalized items for activity trackers.

As winter approaches plan ahead for how you can make your store a lively spot that will be a destination for shoppers. They don’t have to hibernate all winter, in fact they could be shopping and having fun right in your store!

How do you entice shoppers into your store after the holiday shopping season is over? What kind of events or sales do you offer? Share your story in the comments below.


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