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A Melrose Love Story

As Valentine’s Day approaches we take a look at the love all around us…even in our own backyard.A Big Melrose Love Story A Big Melrose Love StoryHere at Melrose we have a couple in our packaging and shipping department who have lunch together every day at “their” table.  They are known for working side by side all day but still being deeply in love. There is a certain curiosity about them that made us want to know more, so in honor of the upcoming day-of-love we are sharing their story with you!

Seng and Sou came to the US from Laos when they were small children and were married in 1969. This October they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. The couple have been working for Melrose for over 25 years and, aside from sharing a table in the Melrose lunchroom every day, they have also shared in the history of the company.

Over their years here at Melrose, Seng and Sou have seen big changes and witnessed firsthand the transition from flower processing to home décor. When Seng first started working at Melrose Gardens back in 1986, he was in charge of the planting. One year the team, which included high school boys working part time, planted 1,000,000 flowers.

That year Seng had a hand in dividing the planters into teams and chose a young Karl Venvertloh to be the head of one team. Seng remembers Karl as a hard worker and thinking “That boy will be something someday.” All of these years later, Karl is the Vice President of the company!

Seng’s feeling of admiration is mutual. “I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with Seng and Sou for over 25 years.  I could not have asked for better role models. With regards to work ethic, they have always had a positive attitude,” Karl said.

He added that “As a couple, I have never seen them argue and I have always been amazed at their ability to get along after being together both at work and at home.  I appreciate and respect them as co-workers and admire them as a couple.”

That feeling is echoed by co-worker Debbie Vogel, who said that “Seng and Sou are dedicated to their family and their jobs. And they stay true to their heritage both in work and life.”

As for Seng and Sou’s family, they have five grown-up children and seven grandchildren with the eighth due in April.  Their secret for a long and healthy marriage, full of family and togetherness, rests on communication. “Sit down and discuss things until you come to an agreement,” said Seng.

Sou added to “care for each other and have patience.

Do you have long time employees that exemplify the values of your business? Perhaps they also have a love story like Seng and Sou? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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