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5 Work-From-Home Tips You Need to Know, Now!

Retailers are never really “off” so when you work from home make yourself as productive as possible.

3D Rendering of Front View of Personalized Elegant Worktable with Computer, Lamp and Documents, Paired with Single Chair on a Furry Cloth.

When you’re a small business owner you’re never really done with work. That’s probably why we hear so many of our retailers are working from home – in the evenings or on the weekends. Your time at home should be 100% about your family and home life but if you need to work we want you to be as productive as possible. Here are 5 tips for you MOST productive time working from home.

1. Set aside a space to work in. When you are in that space, think of your time as work time. Don’t get distracted with TV, phone calls or family. You can’t because you’re at work! Your time will be more effective this way so you can get your job done fast.

2. Make your work space a “real” work space. Make sure you have a proper chair and a desk. Real Simple recommends using shelves or an unused corner to create a work space. Like this little area in the kitchen example below! Home office in a nook for retailers
3. If you must work in front of the TV plan for the time it will really take you to complete tasks. That is, if you think something will take 15-20 minutes plan for 30 when you’re watching a show. It’s fine to multitask as long as you account for the real time it will take you to get things done.

4. Make it harder for yourself to mess around on social media. One trick Alec Biedrzycki, HubSpot Technology Partner uses, is to remove all social networks from his toolbar bookmarks. “Even if I don’t mean to browse them, some uncontrollable impulse subconsciously clicks on them when I experience downtime. You can get sucked in without knowing it (or even intending to), so eliminating the gateway to those networks keeps me on track.”

5. Give yourself a break. You’re at home not in the store. So if you’ve been working for a few hours take a break with your family or friends for a meal or a walk. Being a retailer is hard work and a well-deserved break is worth every moment!

When it’s time to work from home, and we’ve all been there, help yourself be the most productive by planning your work, working in a real workspace, and avoiding distractions. Above all, allow yourself a meaningful break here and there.

How often do you work from home? What are you tricks to being most productive? Share your thoughts with us below!

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