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5 Real Ways to Market your Retail Shop

Market your store without breaking the bank!marketing tips blog

We aren’t talking big media campaigns or high budget TV ads here. Today we’re sharing 5 real ways to market your store that are simple and affordable. From networking to sampling this list of tested and touted small business marketing tactics will get you in the promotional game.

Let them eat…anything
You know you’re selling the BEST products out there. So share them! Offer samples of those amazing jams, dips and spread. Pass out chocolate samples at Christmas. And if you don’t have a gourmet section in your store consider popping up popcorn (you can do it in the microwave with this little gem) and topping it with a little fancy salt (we like truffle salt).

Sponsor an organization…or rec team
Many local organizations are not that expensive to sponsor and you will get exposure every time the organization sends out an e-mail and a mention every time they meet. If you’re sponsoring a rec team you could get your name on their t-shirts and even provide small gift certificates for their players (think $5) to use in your shop.

Cause marketing…beyond sponsorships
Aside from sponsoring a rep team or your local chamber of commerce. Consider cause marketing. This style of marketing allows you to find out what your customers are passionate about and then marketing yourself in partnership with that passion. To really dig into cause marketing, visit this blog.

Don’t just volunteer…lead
It’s great to volunteer for Earth Day or at a local soup kitchen but you can have even more of a good impact if you lead the charge instead! If you’re leading up a committee for a charity event or fundraiser you’ll be seen as a leader and those working on the event and attending it will want to support you by shopping at your store.  According to INC. Magazine, Lisa Calhoun of Write2Market put this philosophy in action when she served as the president of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, allowing her to rub elbows and connect with the brightest minds of the fastest growing companies in the Atlanta market.

Unite with another local shop…cross promote
Partner with another local shop to cross promote your stores. Consider a store that sells complimentary products like baked goods, floral if your only sell gifts, or even a local service such as a salon or spa. Then get creative with cross promotions. Maybe you send an email to your lists on the other’s behalf (be carefully about sharing customer emails with other companies as this may violate your email agreement) or feature the other company in a blog or social post. Even get creative with products, if you partner with a baker sell some of their products in your store and let them sell greeting cards or other small items in theirs. A successful cross promotion will be simple for you and feel natural to your customers.

From cross promoting your shop with another local company to sponsoring a local softball team, these low budget, high return marketing tactics can help real gift shop owners share their store with prospective customers.

What are the real ways you market your store on a realistic budget? Are you partnering with another small business or volunteering on a committee? We’d love to hear how you do it in the comments below!


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