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5 Favorite Summer Sales For Gift Shops

Jumpstart your summer season with these fun sale ideas.

Summer Sales for Gift Shop Owners and Retailers GourmetThe dog days of summer are approaching and as consumers turn to beaches, ballgames and BBQs for entertainment shopping traditionally slows down. But it doesn’t have to! Following are a list of our top 5 favorite summer sales that you can quickly put together to drive traffic (and sales!) to your store.

  1. I Dream of Beach
    While the beach beckons during hot weather, not everyone can make it there when they want to. Especially those of us living in the interior of the US. So bring the beach to your customers with a themed sale. Your music is the sound of the Beach Boys, you’re serving up samples of a local summer lager (partnering with that local brewer of course!) and your sale is X% off all summer decor (because, why not!). Display: Create an eye-catching beach display by putting real sand (find it at your hardware store) in trays and displaying items on it.
  2. The it’s Hot Hot Hot Sale
    This sale is perfect for the hottest months of the year. Simply share on social media and via email that, as the weather heats up, so does your sale! For every degree over 80 (or whatever the normal high is in your area) you’ll be offering another percent off a selection of products! Each day you can post to your Facebook page what the offer is – and share pictures of the thermometer that is placed right outside your shop. Since this is an ongoing sale we don’t recommend specific music and food. For your display we suggest either positioning your sale items together in one area or tagging them throughout the store to allow shoppers a sense of discovery when they find something that’s included. (If you do the latter, make sure your sales people are trained to help shoppers find sale items!)
  3. Sample Sale
    Shoppers love something new—and they love a deal. So combine the best of both worlds by bringing in a sample sale or traveling trunk show. For one night only your customers will not only get to buy your products but can also shop elegant jewelry (or whatever complimentary items your sales person sells) in a fun and festive atmosphere. You’ll want to play some jazzy shopping music like Etta James or Miles Davis and serve some light hors d’oeuvres. Display: Allow your sample sale partner to set up a lovely display to make your whole store feel fresh.
  4. Sample Sale Part 2 (food this time!)
    This time, instead of products, you’re sampling food. This is the perfect sale for any store with a gourmet section. Pull all your food items out front and center, pour up small glasses of wine, and let your customers munch while they shop. Your sale is a Buy X Get 1 free offer for all food items. Make sure to share the stories behind each succulent snack (Local honey? Crackers made by a co-op? Grandma’s secret recipe cookies? All give a shopper another reason to buy.) Display: Your food, of course!
  1. All-American Summer Sale
    The flag flies high in summer, as key summer events (Memorial Day, 4th of July)  are steeped in patriotism. This time of year we see red white and blue everywhere from front porches to t-shirts to beer cans. Join in the fun with an All-American Summer Sale. Play patriotic music (we love the 4th of July Radio station on Pandora) offer a discount for shoppers who pay with presidents (cash!) and have red white and blue popcorn out in small cups to welcome shoppers when they arrive at your store. Don’t forget your display: Pull red, white and blue items from around the store and display on a star spangled cloth from the fabric store.

From Beach Dreams to All-American Themes, there are plenty of reasons to have a sale in summer and drive additional traffic to your shop. Be creative and have fun. Consider stepping outside of these suggestions to create a summer sale tradition that reflects your community. And most of all, remember to tell consumers about what you’ve got planned so they can stop by!

How are you driving sales during summer slowdowns? Do you have annual traditions? We’d love to hear your summer sales plans in the comments section below!


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