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3 Ways to Spice up Store Events

When the old wine and cheese night just doesn’t cut it, MELspeak gets creative. 

Retailers have 3 secrets to in store eventRetailers have 3 secrets to in store event

If your annual calendar of store events reads like this week’s grocery list—predictable—consider livening things up with these three event ideas. They are designed to create excitement, increase event attendance and ultimately, revenue!

Element of Surprise – The best in store events keep customers guessing –and talking. We recently heard about one retailer who had customers register for a “Gift Certificate with a Twist” the month leading up to a party. Because registrants had to be present to win, the store was packed Saturday at 4 pm when the winner was selected and(surprise!)had to spend the entire $250 gift certificate in 10 minutes as the crowd watched, cheered, and shouted suggestions.  This works because the element of surprise created excitement and got people to really see products during the shopping spree

Game of Chance – Next time you’re tempted to have a wine and cheese night, incorporate a game of chance into the mix. Partner with a charity and invite them to have their members attend. When folks saunter up for a glass of wine ask them to play a game with you—they get to choose their glass of wine, but each will be marked with a colored sticker. If they get a green sticker they receive a $10 gift certificate to spend that evening. If they get a yellow sticker they agree to donate $1 to the charity. This works because people feel a thrill when choosing a glass which leads to a feeling of excitement and a greater willingness to buy. And of course, win or donate, they get their wine 🙂

Partner down the Block – There is no reason to host an event all on your own. In fact, there is probably a bakery, wine shop or even a salon nearby that would be eager to partner with you by offering snacks, sips or services at your event—and some co-promotion.  In return, offer them product to raffle off in their store. This works because partnering with a neighboring business that offers a complimentary service drives more traffic into both of your businesses for a win-win.

By employing one of these tactics— partnering with neighboring stores to drive traffic, playing on psychology to create a thrill with a game of chance, or hosting a party with a twist—you’ll generate enthusiasm for your store and increased sales, at your next in store event. Do you have an event success story? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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