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3 Surprising Ways You Should Use Your Website

Learning by example—we’ve got three stellar websites for you to explore!

You’ve got a website and we’re glad to hear it! But is it working as hard for you as it should? Read on to find three retailer websites we love, and what makes them amazing!

Share Your Passions
Your website is not just a place for you to share your company vision and your products. It’s also a place to share what makes your company unique. For the Candle Café in Midland, Texas their customers make them unique. So, to honor a long time customer and cancer survivor, they painted their new storeroom forklift PINK! This was a wonderful tribute and created a lot of talk in both the front and the back of the store. By sharing this special story on their website The Candle Café is making their store more real for all of their shoppers. The owner explains that “Now everyone wants a picture on “That Pink Forklift” The delivery drivers even call us the pink forklift place! I think it’s a great tribute to Debbie and all of the other cancer survivors who are… As STRONG as A FORKLIFT!” We love it.Candle CafeBe You
Whether you’re a candle shop in Texas or a souvenir shop in Florida, the best thing you can be is yourself. So create a website with background and images that really reflect the vibe of your store. We really liked how Frenchy’s Off The Hook  gift shop in Clearwater Beach, Florida incorporated the beach theme into their site. The background says fun in the sun, but the text is all very clear to read. They also did something really great—they have a very clear call to action to “stay in touch” and join their email list on the top right hand side of the page (every page) of the site. And of course, since it’s a souvenir shop and attracts a lot of tourists, they have location and contact info clearly visible too.Frenchies

Embrace The New
We fell in love with scrolling through the website of Providence, Rhode Island’s Frog & Toad gift shop. It’s one of those sites where you keep scrolling down and the background changes with the subject matter. This replaces the need for a rotating image at the top of the site because you scroll through the content yourself. In this case they feature a great picture of their shop, a call to action to shop online with an offer for free shipping, a few recent blog posts with great pictures and finally, a footer with social call outs and store location/hours. This is a great way to pull shoppers into your site and deliver the details they need. This is a newer kind of website layout and a great way to freshen up your content to appeal to MIllenials.Frog and ToadSo what are you waiting for? Take a look through your website and ask: does it speak to our passions, is it “me” and does it embracing the new? If not, think about working with a website developer to create something fresh that will appeal to your shoppers—specifically those younger shoppers who are just as likely to look at your store online as come in through your doors.

Have you recently renovated your website? Are you embracing new and using the site to share your unique store? We’d love to hear about your website hits—or misses!—in the blog comments below.

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