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Selling add-on items can be as simple as anticipating your customers’ needs.shopping_couple_2 On a recent vacation, some of our Melrose staff found the most interesting products in the most unexpected places. Bottled water in a high end lotion shop on the beach. Sunscreen in a luxury gift shop on the strip. And fashion magazines in a golf pro shop. What do all three of these stores have in common? They carry add-on items ready for the customers’ unanticipated need. Of course, you don’t have to be a luxury lotionier, ultra high end gift shop or golf pro shop to sell add-on items to your customers. You simply want to think about an unexpected wish they may have while in your store, and cater to that. We’ve got some quick examples below for home and garden centers, hospital gift shops, floral shops and more.

Inspire your customers with woodland themed home accents! Woodland Treasures wholesale gift itemsIn this week’s look, rustic accents blend with the refined to create casual elegance – a style all its own with a mix of textures, colors and finishes.Our Birch Vase (52575) looks so realistic featuring a beautiful look of peeling bark and knots in the perfect shades of weathered birch. Pair it with your favorite holiday florals or branches for a unique table top arrangement.

You asked for it--our favorite fall products! Employee Fall Faves Wholesale gift productsFor some, it’s the best time of year! Here at Melrose, we love everything about fall! In honor of the official First Day Of Autumn, we asked our Melrose experts to choose their favorite products from our fall line. Perhaps you already have some of these items or maybe you’re seeing some of these for the first time. Either way, these items are must haves for your fall display!

You’re taking care of a lot of people from employees, to customers and beyond…but don’t forget to take care of yourself too! Gift Shop Owners best advice everIt’s been one of those days. You’re running from project to project, checking out customers and still trying to make time to clean out the back room. Through it all you realize you forgot to eat breakfast and probably won’t get a chance for lunch until much later in the afternoon. You know you need to take care of yourself…but how do you find the time? First off, what you don’t need is a complicated program. No weekend retreats or overhauls of your life. What you DO need are simple ideas--and we’ve got three of them for you, right here.

The holiday's are about tradition. Here are a few of our favorites.  Holiday Traditions Unique holiday accents feature block letters joined by twine to resemble mini garlands. Rough cut burlap lends to the casual appeal. This set of two will make a fun tabletop accent piece! This red LED lantern is a customer favorite! Bright red in color, this lantern features a pine tree cutout design and an LED candle with a 4/8 hour timer and the price point is unbeatable! Fashioned after paper bags, our holiday themed luminaria have an indoor/outdoor LED candle inside. Three different cutouts create the perfect holiday set! Keep them together or place them throughout your display! Snowy owls are whimsical in nature as they perch atop a fallen log. Weathered white and brown in color, these owls have a touch of glitter snow for added holiday sparkle. A trio of lanterns hang from the branches of the adorable lantern tree accented with leaves and birds. Each lantern features glass panels as well. Add your own candles to create holiday glow!

Running a gift shop takes a lot of hard work and talent…but we know you’ve got this!Successful Gift Shop OwnersYes, when you run your own business you have to wear a lot of hats and be ready to do almost anything to succeed. And, when you run your own gift shop, the list of what it takes to make it can be pretty long. We’ve pulled out the top 5 traits we see in successful gift shop owners—and are sharing them with you today!

Something about the warm colors, and throwback looks of vintage holiday captures the very heart of Christmas.  Vintage Holiday (1) The nostalgia of Christmas past is present in vintage style holiday accents – from Santas and cardinals to antiqued bottles and serving platters. Old World Santas (60565) bearing gifts depict the spirit of the season! Swirls of holly dance around their ivory gowns which feature a glittered finish. Our lush Pine/Berry Centerpiece (49219) features a realistic mix of pine and berries mingling with pinecones. Bright, Red Glass Bottles (61441) have a vintage flair resembling mercury glass. Decoupaged labels look aged and distressed with holiday sentiments. With classic style and function, this Lantern/Wreath Holder (49117) is the perfect welcoming accent to your holiday display.

Don't wait for your catalog in the mail, shop new 2016 Home & Garden collections online today!  2016 Home and Garden Catalog wholesale gift We’re excited to share that our 2016 Home & Garden Collections are now online. We started working on these collections over a year and a half ago by watching trends in home decor and fashion, considering our top sellers and getting input from our design team. All the hard work has paid off and now we are ready to share these amazing products with you!