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Be a holiday shopping angel.December Blogs 2017-02When you’ve left Christmas shopping to the last minute you’re probably too busy to shop. Or you don’t have a clue what to get people and you’ve put it off. Or both. No matter the reason, last-minute holiday shoppers tend to be stressed out. This can create shoppers who are overly particular, short-tempered and even rude. But it also creates an opportunity for you to help the shopper with their needs—and if you do a good job you’ll have a loyal customer who will rave about your store. So how do you help these shoppers? We’ve got a 3-step method for you!

From world explorers to home decorators, older millennials are changing it up.18 You blinked and suddenly Millennials grew up—older Millennials are now 25-36 and their spending habits are changing. The classification of the footloose and fancy-free Millennials spending all their spare change on Starbucks and concert tickets is going away. Now you’re just as likely to see Millennials driving an SUV, buying their first home or out with their baby (and maybe all three!). And, as Millennials mature their spending habits are changing.  Namely moving from spending money on experiences to spending money on their homes. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal article cited True Green’s top new prospect: The 26 year old. This group is the single biggest age cohort in the US and, at 26, are coming into their own in regard to earning potential.

As Friendsgiving continues to grow in popularity your shop can be the inspiration for your customers. fall blogs-02 For the past few years, Friendsgiving has grown from a tradition for those unable to make it to their family Thanksgiving to a complimentary event often held the Saturday before or after Thanksgiving. In contrast to the official holiday, Friendsgiving has become a more casual holiday with more DIY elements, plaids, botanicals, and even a bucking of traditional colors in favor of the hostess’s favorite color pallet. We’ve gathered up a few examples for you. We suggest you consider creating a Friendsgiving inspiration board with your favorite trends to inspire your shoppers. Pull together items that fit into these trends and create a whole new shopping occasion in your store!

…and what retailers can learn from blog-01Take a good long look at the menu of your favorite sit down restaurant and you may be surprised. The psychology of a restaurant menu is designed to get you to order the most expensive items. But not Le Dinner, you say. Yes, even that local place you love. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how menus are designed and what retailers can learn from them.