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Moving from external theft to internal theft.  Last week we talk about potential customers entering your store and stealing product—and the surprising insight that most shoplifters are adults and many are actually buying items at the same time as stealing them. In that blog, you’ll find some solid strategies for reducing shoplifting as well as a tease for this blog focusing on employee theft. Now you might be thinking that you only have a few employees who you trust or that you are around most of the time so this blog does not apply to you. And, by all means, we hope that is the case. However, adding an extra layer of vigilance make all the difference. The reason we suggest you consider this is that, according to Forbes, employee theft of merchandise costs over $18 Billion dollars a year. And that doesn’t account for other types of theft such as skimming, embezzlement or stolen time all total employees who participate in these types of theft make up 75% of the workforce. So what do to?

Our color cards teach you how to bring on-trend looks to your shop.  amethystgarden-01Our Amethyst Garden color card draws inspiration from the meditative and calming qualities of the lavender colored stone. Hues of purple come together with gray and metal accents to create a relaxing feel. Saints and animal statues complete the look. Once you create your Amethyst Garden display, share the color card below with your shoppers so they can re-create their own version at home

We invite you to take a step back and see how your products go from a Holiday display to a Home. home to holiday blog-01 Have you ever spent so much time looking at something--a word, a store ad you are placing or even a gift item you're putting out--that it's meaning starts to get lost? You might catch yourself thinking "is that word even spelled right?" or you may step away from the ad and come back to find that you left off your website. When we get too deep in one individual aspect of something seeing the big picture can be difficult. That's why, today, we want to stop looking at our collections as individual products and start to see how items across collections can come together to bring Holiday to the Home.

How to use the 5 Senses in your shop to fully engage senses using the 5 senses in retailAny crash course in sales will tell you that gaining 3-5 “yes” response during the sales process (Do you like that it comes in blue? If I could get you an additional 10% off today would you be more likely to buy?) makes the likelihood of receiving that final yes--which leads to a cash register receipt. But, outside of sales gimmicks, how can a retailer improve sales while improving the customer experience at the same time? The answer: by thoughtfully building your store to engage shoppers through their 5 senses. Help them to touch the products, smell them, and see them in a new light so that they can truly experience them. Through this process, they will begin to imagine the product in their home, and that is when they will buy.

Nothing says Christmas morning like the smells or rich delicious food and beverages. Let us share some favorites with you! holiday recipes chirstmas morningWith just a few days left before Christmas we wanted to share some of our favorite Christmas morning recipes. From easy Gingerbread Waffles (vegan + gluten free + delicious) to an Indulgent Crock Pot Peppermint Mocha our Pinterest board is a Christmas morning collection you won’t want to miss. Enjoy the entire board, which features recipes for everything from sweet treats and casseroles to coffee and punch.