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Frequently Asked Questions

New Customer Information

Our registration form is available here. Once your registration has been submitted, you will receive temporary access to our website for three days. You must submit a copy of your resale certificate and an Illinois CRT-61 form before you can place an order or receive full website access.

Along with your resale certificate, the state of Illinois requires us to keep this form on file. You can download one here. You are welcome to fax (888-219-4577) or email ( your documents to us. You can even take a picture with your smartphone and send it to us that way!

Because we are a wholesale company, we do not sell directly to the general public. We are able to provide you with our customers near you and online companies where you can purchase Melrose products.

Pricing Information

The three different price levels represent Good, Better and Best prices. Below is the breakdown as shown in our catalog.

Each opening order amount is the total you will pay after the discount. For example, to get to the ‘Best’ discount, you need to place an order of $3500 using the ‘Best’ price level. $3500 is what you will pay as long as you reach that dollar amount. If you fall short of hitting that discount, the item prices will be adjusted on the correct discount level and your total will be recalculated.

Loyalty Discount Information

At Melrose, we want you to buy deep in the line, not deep into one product for a discount. We give you the discount for one year no matter the reorder amount to make it easy to maintain your discount status (Good, Better or Best). So when you reorder…no matter the amount…you get the same price! The rules to get the discount apply the same to everyone.

We are warehousing for you instead of jamming up your backroom. Once you have established your discount, it is yours for a whole year. You don’t have to buy big again until next year. Need it? Reorder it as necessary! You maintain your profitability with a consistent mark, you don’t lose gross profit by over ordering items and you save money by not taking up valuable backroom space.

No. The amount of your opening order is what determines your discount. You do maintain your discount for the next year by your total orders for the year. If, for the year, you order the same or more than your discount level amount, you will maintain the current discount you have for another year. Definitely take this into consideration when placing your initial order with Melrose. Try to reach the highest discount possible without compromising yourself.

When shopping online, you will only see the prices that reflect your discount level. If you want to verify your discount level, you can always call customer service 800-282-2144. Information on Quantity Breaks.

No. But if you place two orders, your discount will be based on your biggest dollar amount order. It’s best to combine as much as you can on one order for one ship time instead of placing multiple small orders. Then after you have reached your discount level, you can place as many smaller orders as you like – and still receive a great discount!

Yes they do. You will not get any further discounts on the sale items, but they will count towards your total.

It will be on invoiced orders only. However, in certain situations, we will look at your account and try to be as fair as possible.

We will review this with you and try to find alternative items in order to keep the discount. Again, we will try to be as fair as possible.

Currently we do not offer case discounts. Please contact your representative or a sales expert in our home office to discuss this further.

During the first quarter of every year, we review the discounts. If you ordered in the second half of the current year, your account will not be reviewed until next January.

We review all orders and give discounts accordingly. If we have any questions or concerns, then we will contact you. If you feel more comfortable noting it, then you are welcome to do so!


Melrose International, LLC offers a standard thirty (30) day return policy. Any request for replacement parts, return, exchanges, or refund must be received within thirty (30) days from date of shipment. If any of the afore mentioned request are not received within the allotted timeframe we will not be able to process or authorize the request. All request must be initiated by the Merchant. If a request for refund is made for less that the entirety of an item was purchased as a set/assortment the refund dollar amount will be based on the following percentage scale.

Set of 2: 60% of cost for the lrge sixed piece, 40% of the cost for the small sized piece
Set of 3: 50% of cost for the large sized piece, 30%of cost for the medium sied piece, 20% of cost for the medium sized piece
Set of 4 or more: Percentage will be divided evenly by the number of pieces in the set/assortment

If you need a replacement for a damaged item, please call Melrose or download the claims form here to submit a claim. Once you have filed your claim, a credit will be applied to your account for the defective merchandise or a replacement order will be made. The replacement item will be sent to you at no additional charge for freight.

If you have one damaged item that is part of a set or would like to receive credit versus a replacement, then the credit will be figured based on the following:

  • Set of 2: 60% for the larger item, 40% for the smaller item
  • Set of 3: 50% for the larger item, 30% for the medium item, 20% for the smaller item.
  • Set of 4 or more: Percentage will be divided evenly by the number of pieces in the set.

For questions or to submit a claim, email us at or give us a call at 800-282-2144.

We have a few options for you to submit your claims form.

To fill out our electronic claims form click here, complete the form and email it to

When filling out the electronic form please download and open the form from your desktop. If you fill out the form through your browser, directly after clicking above, it will not save when you try to send the form back to us.

To print a copy of our claims form click here. Please email or FAX: (888) 219-4577 the completed form to submit your claim.

Shipping Information

In order to keep the freight as low as possible for our customers, Melrose offers freight caps on orders over $500. Below are the guidelines:

(US only)

  • Between $500-$999: Freight cap of 20%
  • $1000 and up: Freight Cap of 15%
  • All Backorders: Freight cap of 15% (regardless of order size)
  • Sale Only Orders: Freight cap of 25% (Please keep in mind that sale items are 50-75% off of the list price)


  • $750-$1,499: Freight cap of 30%
  • $1,500-$4,999: Freight cap of 20%
  • $5,000+: Freight cap of 15%

$750 minimum order for Canada


Our complete showroom schedule can be found here.

Because the shows are a busy time, we highly encourage you to make an appointment. But don’t worry! If you forget or are not sure about timing, we have staff members who will be ready to assist you in each showroom.

Our showrooms are open during non-show times, but we cannot guarantee that someone will be at each one every day, all day. If you would like to visit one of our showrooms during a non-show time, please call our home office 800-282-2144 and we will set up an appointment for your business.

In January, we debut our new collections for the upcoming Holiday season and in June/July we debut our new Home & Garden collections. This give retailers a chance to touch and feel our product and see it in person as opposed to through the catalog or website.

When you place an order at the shows, we are then able to determine how much stock to purchase for each individual item. Melrose does its best to keep items in our warehouse 24/7, but without retailers pre-booking their orders, we are unable to judge hot to best stock our warehouse for future orders and re-orders.

Correct. You don’t have to try and guess what you will sell for the entire season, but we need you to at least make an initial order so we know what you and other retailers like. This allows us to order and stock an appropriate amount of each product. We do your forecasting for you!

After finishing your Holiday season in December, join us at the January shows to see what’s new for the next Holiday season. The same goes for finishing your Spring season, then buying in June/July for the next Spring. This is great, because the last season is still fresh in your mind allowing you to know what items sold and what your carry over is.

When you place an order in advance, we allocate the product to you at that time so it is guaranteed that you will receive it. This informs our purchasing department at Melrose how much of each item to bring in and keep on hand. You don’t want to end your year with excess product and neither does Melrose.

Online Access

In order to view our pricing, you must first log in to the website. If you do not have an online account, it is very easy to register by clicking here.

To reset you password please follow the instructions found below to reset your password.

  1. You will need to supply us with your email address used for your melrose account at registration.
  2. You will then be asked your security question.
  3. If you answer the security question correctly an email will be sent with a link to then reset your password.
  4. To get started click here to reset your password.

Our customer service team receives a notification once you have completed our online registration. During business hours we typically will have completed your registration within 2 hours. If you fill out a request during the weekend your request will be handled first thing Monday morning. You will receive an email asking your Resale Certificate & Illinois CRT-61 Form. Once you send those back to us you will receive full access to our website.

Payments & Credits

We do not offer online payments. When you place an order with Melrose, payment is not processed until your order is ready to be shipped. When your order is packaged and ready to leave our warehouse, you will be contacted by customer service for permission to process your payment. You can store your credit card information with your online account for future use.

Dating requires approval for terms and a signed dating form. Your orders need to be for $2500 or more for Christmas and $1000 or more for spring. Christmas orders must be placed by May 31st. Spring orders must be placed by November 30th. Your terms are payable via check or money order. If you choose to pay with a credit card, a 3% convenience fee will be applied.